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Children Services

Providing care and support for children

Active Healthcare services are designed to be unique to the requirements of the individual child and provide wider support for families.

Adult Services

Providing care and support for Adults

We deliver innovative and high quality care for adults in the community through social care.

What we do

Working Together To Deliver Value To The Health Care Community.

At Active Healthcare Services, we focus on providing you and your loved ones with the support needed to promote independent living and maximising potential.

Autism Services

Active Healthcare Services provides support services for people with Autism Spectrum Condition (ASC).

Complex Care

As a provider of complex care services, we understand the challenges that individuals face when living with long-term conditions. .

Learning Disabilities

Active Healthcare Services provides support services for people with Learning Disabilities (LD).

Day Opportunities

Day Support Services are provided for people with Autism Spectrum Condition (ASC), and Learning and Physical Disabilities. .

Supported Living

A bespoke service for clients over 16 years of age. Supported Living is for people with autism, learning disabilities and complex care needs.

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Our Locations

Where Do We Offer Our Services

This is our main staff base for Edinburgh services, which is well used by the people we support.

At our Broxburn Resource Base we pride ourselves in ensuring that the environment is calm and welcoming.

Our Falkirk Resource Base is our newest base and offers anyone accessing it a warm welcome.

Our flexible outreach service helps people on the autism spectrum to access opportunities and activities outside their home.


Service User and Family Reviews

"Prior to my son leaving school I worried about finding a suitable service that would offer the kind of support I was looking for to meet his needs. He has now been at Active Healthcare for three years and from the very start the care and attention he has received has been excellent. The staff are enthusiastic and supportive and face any challenges with patience and confidence. I have complete peace of mind that he is in a safe and happy environment and I can relax whilst he is in their care. In a relatively short space of time they have become an important part of both mine and my son’s life and I cannot recommend them highly enough."



"Four years ago we received a call from Mr. Zinoro, Director of Active Healthcare & he offered us the opportunity for our 30 year old son to be the first resident in their newly opened supported accommodation in Bathgate. He moved into Bathgate House (named by him) in 2017 where he is supported with a 24 hour 1-1 care package. Since then his life opportunities have significantly improved along with his own personal confidence. with staffs’ help he is encouraged to make day to day choices such as menu planning, shopping, purchasing products then helping to cook the meals he has chosen. He is involved in planning his daily activities such as music, outings, attending shows and his annual holidays. Structures are in place to help regulate his daily routine and external activities. His own self confidence and personal progress are clear to all who know and love him. This is as a direct result of the structure of the organisation, the environment, and his support staff. Some who have been with him from the start. Active Healthcare and their framework help to address life challenges and help him go forward with renewed confidence in what can be an extremely challenging world for young adults with disabilities."

Janet & Bill Brown


"After working with various horrendous companies local to me I was told About Active Healthcare Services. The support staff are fantastic with my 2 disabled youngsters. Their care and support have been second to none. They listen and follow the rules. Thank you, guys."

Albie Davies


"My grandson loves attending his Saturday sessions at Active Healthcare and looks forward to attending them each week. Staff have been resourceful and engaging with him and he has built a good rapport with them. I can’t fault the service and have only good comments to say about the staff and the service. It has also facilitated his sister to have some 1:1 time where she can relax and it has allowed me to have a couple of hours to myself which I really appreciate."

Douglas Lane


"I changed care providers to Active Healthcare Service, with some trepidation. A bit like my son's autism traits of rigidity in routine, I had become complacent with the service he had been with for nearly nine years, to change meant upheaval and definite anxiety for him. Active Healthcare Services have a structured and identified plan for my son's needs. The carers are kind, gentle but very capable in dealing with any outbreaks. They are also trained in the many different areas of autism and the subsequent problems relating to this condition. Prompt and courteous, carers who bring a fresh approach, together with different ideas on how to make my son's life happier and fulfilled. This is a company who take care and give support to the carers, whom we depend upon to care for our vulnerable children, those whom enable us to get the essential break necessary for us to cope, whilst knowing our special people are being looked after properly and safely."

Adam West


"Coming back home after a year in hospital and with a new care company was such a scary time. Being with Active Healthcare has been a positive experience. Active put their service users at the heart of everything they do. They provided a hand picked support team suited to my individual personal needs as well as my personality making them so caring and supportive in all areas of my life."


Service User

Active as a company are fantastic. When our son comes home, he always has so much positive things to say, he’s so happy. I know if there was ever an issue, I can phone the manager and it’s dealt with that day. As was said to me by a health professional “Active never missed a beat” (during COVID). The company as a whole were fantastic even more so having never dealt with anything like it. (COVID)

S. Prince


We are very satisfied with the level of support and care our family member receives from Active Healthcare. We are so fortunate to have their help and support which has made a tremendous difference not just to our family member but for our whole family. Active managed the COVID-19 pandemic fantastic, all safeguards were observed, our family member felt comfortable and relaxed all the time she was there, and we cannot thank them enough for going the extra mile and keeping routine as normal as possible which helped us as a family. The service is FIRST CLASS, and we could not ask for better. Workers are trained to the highest standard and treat every service user as an individual and will include them when making decisions concerning their future.

S. McGilivary


The level of support is excellent and I’m sure this will continue, support worker’s knowledge and understanding of every individual is excellent. It is early days but did give great consideration to move to Active Healthcare and felt this was in our daughter’s best interests and I’m sure she will make good steady progress if we all work together including her in decision making and supporting her at all times throughout her life. Sometimes it’s nice to have someone to talk thinks over with (reassurance).



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Application Process

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Interview Process

Our interview process will be values based.

Step 03

Employment Checks

Satisfactory references, relevant Disclosure Scotland checks.

Step 04

Encouraging Diversity

Valuing diversity and promoting equal opportunities.

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We are open and supporting service users through the current pandemic. Read on for further information on COVID-19


Generally, coronavirus can cause severe symptoms in people with weakened immune systems, older people, and those with long term conditions like diabetes, cancer, and chronic lung disease.


The most common symptoms are a new:

  • Continuous cough
  • Fever/high temperature (37.8C or greater)

Some people will have more serious symptoms, including pneumonia or difficulty breathing, which might require admission to hospital.


If you have developed symptoms (however mild) in the last 7 days, stay at home for 7 days from the start of your symptoms and arrange to be tested. Do not go to your GP, pharmacy, or hospital.


You should remain at home until you get the result of the test, and then follow the advice you will be given on the result.


People can become infected when droplets land directly on them or they touch contaminated objects and surfaced. That is why good respiratory hygiene and hand washing are so important.

The virus might also spread by people 2 days before developing symptoms or by those who don’t develop symptoms at all.


You can reduce your risk of getting and spreading the infection by:

  • Avoiding direct hand contact with your eyes, nose, and mouth.
  • Maintaining good hand hygiene.
  • Avoiding direct contact with people that have a respiratory illness and avoid using their personal items such as their mobile phone.
  • Covering your nose and mouth when coughing or sneezing with disposable tissues and disposing of them in the nearest waste bin after use.
  • Following the guidance for households with possible coronavirus infection if someone in your household has symptoms.
  • Making sure everyone in the household follows the Scottish Government’s Coronavirus advice as much as possible and to stay away from other people.
  • Making sure everyone in your household follows the physical distancing advice, especially anyone in a vulnerable group.
  • Helping those at extremely high risk of severe illness with coronavirus to follow the shielding advice.
  • You can’t catch coronavirus from food, but it is possible to catch it if you touch an infected surface or object and then touch your mouth or nose.

Wash your hand regularly

Wash your hands with soap and water or alcohol hand sanitiser before eating and drinking, and after coughing, sneezing, and going to the toilet.


For further information and latest advice:  Coronavirus (COVID-19)               Coronavirus