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About Us

Active Healthcare Services offer a wide range of services to people with Autism, Learning & Physical Disabilities. Our support is tailored to the specific needs of individuals. We value promoting choice and independence and this forms the basis of our intervention. We understand that Autism requires personalised approaches. This reflects in the provision of bespoke services. We offer support that ranges from small hours per week to full time support packages. Our Autism staff team receive specific training that equips them to work with people across the spectrum. We support people to develop skills that they need to live to life independently in their community. What makes Active Healthcare unique is our resilience, innovativeness, determination, flexibility, personalisation, fun, focus, knowledge and expertise.

Our Vision

We strive to ensure that people we support are treated with the dignity and respect they deserve, that they are given true choices and real opportunities to excel. We use personalised approaches to ensure that each individual receives the support they need, while maintaining complete control over their lives.

Our Philosophy

At Active Healthcare we aim to improve the quality of those that we support through the provision of personalised packages of care to meet individual needs. We believe that people with ASD and LD have dreams to fulfil and aspirations to explore. At Active Healthcare we support you to take necessary risks to become more independent and take control of your own destiny. We work in partnership with the service user, their family and all stakeholders to achieve agreed outcomes.

Referral Process and Funding

Referrals are generally through social work, education, and health. However, we also take referrals from families with SDS, individual budgets. Or who have social work funding. We don’t have a waiting list and our referral process is quick and efficient.

Why Choose Active Healthcare Services?

• Person Centred
• Outcome Based Approach
• Staff Consistency
 Unique Workshops and Group Sessions
• Innovative Approaches in Service Delivery
• Flexibility

Support people, maximising potential and fulfilling dreams

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